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To buy bitcoins using PayPal can be challenging because some of the big boys don't really use PayPal to purchase Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Why? We don't know the real reason to that; but we do know that you can buy bitcoins using paypal. In fact many members of our team purchased their bitcoins using Paypal. For demonstration purposes we are showcasing a video which shows step by step how to buy Bitcoins using PayPal.

This video by Abdel shows you how to buy bitcoins using paypal at VirWox.


Invest Your Bitcoins with Davorcoin



Buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

First you have to signup at Coinbase, verify the account and you are good to go.

Coinbase accepts credit card and bank transfer, while a company such as VirWox accepts Paypal, so the choice is yours. Also keep in mind that some of these transactions take a couple of hours the first time and others may take days; that is normal, do not panic.

Money transfer via the bank takes 4 to 5 business days. Keep this in mind if you opt for this method. Bank transfer is a very bad idea if you are buying Bitcoins when the value is high...the decrease in value can make you lose money. However, this doesn't matter depending on what you are planning to do with your Bitcoins once you have it.

Buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Your goal is to make your Bitcoin investment profitable. There are two ways to make it profitable!

  • You can Buy Bitcoins and Hold it
  • Lend out your Bitcoins -earn Interest

You can Buy Bitcoins when it is low and expect it to go up to make a profit, that means you will have to hold on to it hoping that it will really go up. Therefore making your Bitcoin investment profitable is a chance of 50/50

The second and better alternative, buy Bitcoins, convert and lend it out so that it earn some interest. Once you have Bitcoins you will lend out by using specialized and dedicated lending platforms such as Davorcoin.

The minimum investment is $100.00.  

How much investment in Bitcoins do you need? You should know that in every transaction there is a transaction fee, during purchase and during transfer.

Realistically speaking your investment in Bitcoins should be at least $140.00. Once your Bitcoin has been transferred to the coin lending platform you will be left with just enough to start your investment.

Start your Bitcoin investment at Coinbase -they accept credit cards and bank transfer.  If you prefer using PayPal you can use VirWox.



What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a digital currency accepted worldwide as method of payments. We don't know yet but Bitcoin could become the replacement of the standard currency we are familiar with; I am talking about the US Dollar, Peso, Eurodollar etc.
Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a digital encrypted decentralized currency, meaning there is no bank or single administrator who manages it. Bitcoin is a peer to peer method of payment; there is no intermediary during the transaction.