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What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a digital currency accepted worldwide as method of payments. We don't know yet but Bitcoin could become the replacement of the standard currency we are familiar with; I am talking about the US Dollar, Peso, Eurodollar etc.
Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a digital encrypted decentralized currency, meaning there is no bank or single administrator who manages it. Bitcoin is a peer to peer method of payment; there is no intermediary during the transaction.

The process of a Bitcoin cryptocurrency transaction is as follow: The data is encrypted and sent as a package through the network nodes on the Internet and it is recorded in a distributed database known as the blockchain. The entire process is handled by computers no human intervention.

So, what is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was developed by an individual named Satoshi Nakamoto; his true identity is still unknown, but his legacy is here to stay. The source code of this software was released to the public as open source in 2009 and is the basis of many other digital currencies available.

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